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The Saltz Medical Spa


The Saltz Medical Spa brings you Optimal Health and Beauty by providing comprehensive personalized medicine. We combine “cutting edge” medicine, anti-aging therapies, and education that transports you to peak health, balance and being.

Himalayan Salt Cave Greenville, SC-min.j

Himalayan Salt Cave Greenville, SC – 


During a 45-minute session, our guests will relax in our custom-built salt room completely surrounded by hand-picked Himalayan salt rock crystals. Tranquil music and ambient lighting will contribute to the ultimate relaxation experience. For seating, there are zero gravity chairs that distribute your weight when sat in, which relieves stress on certain joints and other parts of the body. 


A halogenerator crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles, creating a dry salt-air environment. This treatment is called halotherapy and aids in upper respiratory health. Guests with asthma, allergies, or any congestion will feel a difference after just one treatment! The salt cave can fit up to 5 guests comfortably for a group session, so you can either undergo this treatment individually or with others

Himalayan Salt Cave
Red Light Collagen Bed The Saltz Medical

Red Light Therapy Collagen Bed Greenville, SC – 


This exciting scientific discovery uses Photo Rejuvenation via red light technology. Red light therapy uses the red light spectrum to naturally and safely trigger your body to increase your own production of collagen, which in turn smooths and reduces wrinkles creating more youthful looking skin. This machine treats your entire body in a relaxing 20 minute session and emits NO UV LIGHT whatsoever. Although, the light may look hot, the light does not get extremely hot. It is comfortable and warm, not hot.

Whole Body Collagen Bed
Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna Greenville

Infared Himalayan Salt Sauna Greenville, SC – 

Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and lead, and environmental chemicals that you get from living in the 21st century. You can also lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin in an infrared sauna. The benefits abound!

Our infrared salt sauna in Greenville, South Carolina is combined with the benefits of heated Himalayan salt bricks. When heated, Himalayan salt generates negative ions, which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Negative ions also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have throat irritation. It can increase your general health and wellbeing. Relax in South Carolina’s only infrared salt sauna and reap the benefits! We are sure you will not be disappointed. 

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Whole Body Vibration Therapy Greenvile, SC -


is one of the most amazing and beneficial technologies that has been developed and released onto the market in recent years. Whole body vibration when used correctly will help you to gently and safely ease into a higher level of fitness, health, wellbeing and weight loss in far less time than with conventional exercise.

Muscle strength and bone density are created by the friction caused by exercise. We all know that exercise strengthens muscles, but many are not aware that the action of muscle movement increases bone density, keeping bones strong and healthy. This is why it's so important to exercise, especially the older you get. Women particularly lose calcium as they age, and if they do not do vigorous exercises regularly, they will often end up with osteoporosis or osteo arthritis.

Whole Body Vibration  Plate
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